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Pius Quapaw (Ka da to he) B. 1854  D: 10/16/1914 Sigdah Track(Silas Hominy) Si gda B: 1853 D: 9/29/1913 John Mohawk (Eastern Shawnee Indian) D: 1905 Willie Thompson  B: 1874  D: 5/22/1904 John Crow (Ka xe) B: 1/8/1863  D: 8/5/1915 Francis Goodeagle (Ha pa ga ha)  B: 1850 D: 2/21/1921 & Grandson John Beaver (Pa si ki ta) B: 1855 D: 2/27/1928 Victor Griffin (Ka xe zhi ka) B: 1872  D: 1958 Mary Angel Thompson (Moi shi de ta) B: 1898  D: 11/15/1962 Tallchief (Louis Angel)(Wa zhi hu ka) B: 1840  D: 8/26/1918 Pete Clabber (Pa si ma ni)  B: 1856  D: 1/4/1926 Johnny Buffalo B: 1895 D: 3/20/1919 Joe Whitebird (Wa zhi ska) B: 1856  D: 1/22/1906 Hover over the individual to see their name.
Peyote Meeting circa 1900
Photograph courtesy of the University of Oklahoma. (Hover your mouse over the picture to see their names!)

The purpose of this project is to organize, collect and share Quapaw family history utilizing tribal members' knowledge to validate data acquired through interviews, documents, and research. If you have pre-1907 Quapaw photos please share them with us along with a description of the photo via email. A shared history is a lasting history.

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Kah hi kah Thompa te

Hec kah ton
Tall Chief 1892


Risė Supernaw Proctor is known as a historian of Quapaw ancestry and for the last 35 years, she has been researching family histories for every tribal member on the 1890 roll.

 She conducted interviews with pertinent members of the families like Bob Whitebird, Odestine McWatters and her own grandmother, Mary Maude Supernaw. Other interviews with Mary Maude Supernaw were conducted and recorded by Bill Supernaw, Kugee Supernaw, and Charles Supernaw. Risė transcribed all taped interviews and used this information to help establish Quapaw family kinships.

 She maintains a library consisting of Quapaw research documents, annuity rolls, census rolls, family trees, heirship rolls, funeral home documents, etc. along with documents obtained from the archives, libraries, and museums throughout many states.

Look inside the new photo book created by Risė Supernaw Proctor

Look inside the new photo book created by Risė Supernaw Proctor 

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